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  Montres Allison is a watch design and manufacturer. If you own a Montres Allison watch and need repairs or service, please open and print the service form by clicking here.  Montres Allison has been designing and manufacturing watches since 1999.  Based in Denver, Colorado, Montres Allison was the first modern day organization to produce watch cases, dials, bracelets, clasps, crowns, and some movement components such as bridges and rotors from precious metals including 18k gold, sterling palladium, sterling platinum, deox sterling silver, palladium, and .950 platinum.  Today, Montres Allison focuses on building unique, low production timepieces with rose engine turned dials, high use of precious metals, and complicated movements.

This Montres Allison timepiece was built in 2005.  The case is 37 mm in width.  The case is made of 18k yellow gold.  The crown in this photo is 18k white gold, but it was later changed to 18k yellow gold.  The guilloche portion of the multi-layer dial is solid 18k white gold.  The chapter ring upper layer of the dial is made from solid 18k yellow gold which was then rhodium plated and then the Roman numerals were hand engraved to perfection.  The deployant buckle was handcrafted using solid 18k yellow gold sheet and tubes which were formed using artisan metal working methods and then the buckle was hand engraved with the Montres Allison logo.  The name plate is 18k white gold which was machine engraved.  Interestingly, this tourbillon has a display back with a diagnonal "sache" which is signed Montres Allison.  There is no other watch in the world like this watch.  It is completely unique, and is one of many samples of the beautiful craftsmanship in horology provided by Montres Allison.


Above you can see an 18k Russian red gold Montres Allison timepiece accompanied by a very, very heavy .950 platinum tourbillon with .950 platinum bracelet and buckle.  In front of the platinum piece, you can see one of many examples of the custom precious metal components created by Montres Allison.  This rotor was made from 18k Russian red gold.

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